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Cairns is considered to be the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It has the shortest distance to the reef than any other Australian city. If you plan to visit the Great Barrier Reef, or if you want to practice your scuba diving technique, Cairns is a great jump off point.

The city has a rough population of 130,000 people, though this number fluctuates with the large number of tourists. People from all over come to Cairns. In fact, they have so many Japanese tourists, that some restaurants have their menus in both English, and Japanese.

This city might be the closest place for you to see the Great Barrier Reef, but it is also surrounded by a fantastic rainforest. There are also beaches just to north, and just to the south of this city. If you are looking for a beach resort, however, you will have to move a few miles out of the city. There is, however, a large lagoon in the center of Cairns that is popular for both tourists and locals, and makes a great replacement for the lack of beaches.

If you are worried about money, Cairns is relatively inexpensive compared to other Australian cities. It also has a wide range of hotels and restaurants that can help accommodate your budget.

This Cairns info should help you to make the choice about what city to visit. And after you have gotten this information, I think the choice is obvious. Cairns is one of the best cities in Australia to visit.

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