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Perisher Blue

If you’re thinking that Perisher Blue is only an option if you’re thinking about taking your family on a snow holiday, you can think again. Even in the summer, you can have a fantastic time at Perisher. When everyone is running towards the beaches to cool off, you can also experience a great relief from the heat of the summer when you go to Perisher.

Regardless of the season, you can visit Kosciuszko National Park right in the Snowy Mountains to get away from everything in the city, the hassles of your job, etc. Perisher blue in the spring, summer and fall offers long days of clear blue skies and refreshingly cool evenings for you to work with. If you want to immerse yourself in nature, these three seasons will be the best time to be at Perisher.

Nature’s beauty abounds in Perisher in that when there’s only a little snow to work with, you can see spectacular granite outcrops and the majestic beauty of streams and mountain lakes. Book your accommodation with any one of the resorts like Matterhorn Lodge, The Stables, and Corroboree Lodge. If you can’t ski in the season you visit Perisher Blue, you can walk amongst the most colorful of wild flowers.

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