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Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a beautiful, tropical and laid-back destination that is perfect for anyone who needs to get away. This area is located 67km north of the extremely popular city of Cairns, and if you decide to venture to Port Douglas from Cairns you will be sure to see unforgettable coastal sights. If you would like to see a sunrise unlike any other sight you’ve seen before, make sure you head over to Douglas’s 4 Mile Beach which is known all over the world; the warm waters, sunny skies, and plush sand is just waiting for your arrival.

While the 4 Mile Beach is absolutely amazing, it is not the only attraction Port Douglas has to offer. Take a relaxing stroll up Flagstaff Hill. From the top of this hill, you can see almost all of Douglas, and if you are in the mood to view the beach but you don’t want to get your feet sandy, this is the perfect place to be. The walk up the hill is very easy and even relaxing, and don’t worry about getting overheated, the cool breezes will take care of that.

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