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Royal National Park

Whale-watching season is truly an awesome time to visit the Royal National Park. The Royal or the Nasho, as the locals know it, is the oldest National Park in Australia. Second oldest in the world behind Yellowstone in the USA. It’s home to Wallabies, foxes, deer, echidna and the odd wild pig. There’s a rumour that koalas hide in its depths. I’ve been connected in one way or the other to the Park for the past thirty years and have yet to see or hear anything more of the elusive creatures than that rumour. Birds, sea-life and an amazing coast-line are the main attractions of the Royal National Park.

For the cost of entry into the Park only, I took my three children out to spot for whales. It was cold, wet and windy – typical for the middle of winter and for any day that I wanted to spend out doors really – but we rugged up, grabbed cameras and a picnic lunch and launched ourselves into the adventure. The girls were extra excited because it was actually a school day and driving around with mum is much more fun than books and teachers.

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